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New Position Open: Beta Testers

Hello everyone,

As you all know, Success Circuit is being updated. But I have been thinking “To make Success Circuit even more successful I am going to need help, suggestions and a whole lot of bug hunts”, so, I am now begging looking for beta testers to help me out!

What is a Beta Tester?

A Beta Tester is somebody who looks for bugs/glitches/problems on both new and old features. It is somebody that is able to work closely with me and the rest of the team to improve this website. If you have ideas or want to help in any way, beta testing is just one of the ways you can help (see below).

What do Beta Testers gain access to?

I have just released a brand new forum for beta testers, this will act as both a storage system for bugs and ideas so that I can keep track of them (though hopefully there are not too many!) but also as a community. I have always said that Success Circuit should be a community but how can it be one if there is no interaction (I shall speak about this in the next post).

  • Access to every new feature of Success Circuit whilst it is being developed – there is no waiting for features, beta testers will be able to see every error I make (and I make a lot of errors!).
  • Access to their own forum – to keep track of bugs/errors/problems/glitches and so that they have their own community

How do I become a Beta Tester?

Simples! All you have to do is register to the forum. The beta testing forum is not currently private (though in the future we might have expansions to the forum, who knows!) so just pop over to and register. Once you are registered there, introduce yourself and go back to at where you will see the new theme.


If at any times you find fatal errors on Success Circuit that do not let you use the website, feel free to post it on the forum though hopefully it will be my fault if that happens and I will fix it instantly… I hope! But if you want to get back to the current theme then just log out of the forum.

More Positions

At first I was only going to ask for Beta Testers, however if you are interested then there are a few other positions available.

  • Guest Posters – not really a position but if you are interested in writing a single post for Success Circuit then you can become a guest poster.
  • Authors – these are posters that write for Success Circuit quite often. Although I sometimes call it “full time posters”, there is not really any regularity to it at all. Though if somebody would like to do something like a “weekly column” then I would love them to do that!
  • Coders – Currently I am the only person working on coding Success Circuit (though sometimes I do get some help) and so that takes a lot of time away from actually writing any content! So if anybody is interested in helping to code then please contact me.
  • Designers – As with coding, I do not have much time for designing, luckily most of what I do is through CSS but sometimes pictures would be very nice. So if you are interested in helping design Success Circuit then once again, contact me.

Unfortunately, and to great regret, none of these positions will be paid positions however you never know what might happen in the future!


If you would like to suggest something to do on Success Circuit, whether it to be with the design, content or events, then either contact me (see below) or register to the beta testing forum. On there is a suggestions forum which will allow me to track every suggestion!

Contacting Me

I expect most of you know how to contact me but here are a few ways you can do so.

  • Commenting – I read and usually reply to every comment I get on here and each one goes straight to my email
  • Email – If you would like to send me a private email then you can do so, I read and reply to every one. My email address is [email protected]
  • Skype – This is a great way of getting to know people and I love using it, if you would like to add me to Skype then you can do so by adding successcircuit (or just searching my name)
  • MSN – As with Skype, MSN is a good way to contact me, just add [email protected] (which by the way, was my first ever email address!)

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