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Sing Your Mission

Today I have a tip for you! As the majority of you are one of the following: a blogger, a student, a (somewhat unorthadox) business person, an entrepreneur or just plain busy. You probably have trouble getting your tasks done on time, I do or at least did until I started using this method!

Now, a lot of people concentrate by listening to music… some people think it is impossible. It is not. The reason that this works (and is the point of the post) is that you sing the songs (well I do, but you sing it in your head at least!) If you have a song then you have probably heard it before, and know roughly how long the song is.

So the plan is… set tasks for certain songs! Listening to music will help you to get things done, similar to timing yourself. Of course most tasks cannot be done in the time music is on for, so set up a playlist. It is sooo easy to do, and don’t forget you can use headphones if there are lots of people around.

What do you think of listening to music, do you think it helps get those dreaded tasks done?

Also, which kind of music is best? Your favourite? Perhaps Classical? I have been listening to songs ranging from ABBA to Status Quo and seem to find the faster the beat the faster I type!


  1. I listen to music 90% of the time I'm working (the other 10% is basically spent listening to podcasts)… Actually I'll rephrase, I'm listening to music 90% of the time that I'm awake and I can definitely agree that it helps me focus.

    I find it surprising the number of people that actually find music distracting 😐

    Scott -

  2. I disagree. I find that some people, myself included, cannot concentrate whilst listening to music. I find any amount of music distracting. That said, small amounts of classical can help sometimes.

    Josh -

  3. I agree that music is a great way to stay motivated. It helps me lose myself in my work. Certain kinds of music is not as effective though. It also depends on what kind of work you are doing. If I have to do much reading, music is out of the question. If I am reading, the lyrics tend to blend with what I am reading. In the end I end up having to reread.

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  4. I agree that it depends on the task being done. If I am doing anything mindless like data entry, music is a must. For more complicated things, I often prefer to be less distracted. Listening to music does make things less dull and it becomes easier to plug away for hours.

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