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Top 5 Craziest Marketing Stunts

No matter what your job is, if you blog or if you promote affiliate links, you will always need to be marketing and advertising. Today you will see some of the strangest and most abnormal marketing techniques, commonly called Guerrilla Marketing, that I have been able to find. I could have done a top 100 very easily but I would like to show you these and to see what you can come up with. I have been thinking about this for quite a while but I decided to post it today because the ProBlogger challenge today is to write a list. What perfect timing!

  1. Panasonic Vertical Tennis

    This is one very crazy marketing idea. Vertical Tennis! Watch this video and you will see why I think it is so amazing.

  2. Graffiti WonderlandI do not have any examples, please tell me if you do, of where graffiti has been used for marketing purposes. However I do have examples of amazing art that would certainly have give the artists some publicity!
  3. Dean Hunt and His Killer Bunnies You may have heard of Dean, I certainly have. This guy charges $1 million for reviews, “6 million RSS subscribers” and his website is run by killer bunnies! Why? Because he is a marketing extraordinaire. What is easier to remember: “Dean Hunt the marketing guru” or “Dean Hunt the guy with the bunnies”? This is a really good example of how to market yourself or product in a way that people will remember but without spending a penny.
  4. Goodwood Festival of SpeedThis is an event that I go to most years, as it is just down the road. Every year they have a massive statue that changes each year. You can see a few examples below. I believe that this is a very good marketing strategy as different companies sponsor, perhaps even make, the statue so they always try to compete with the one made the year before.

What is the best marketing stunt that you have seen? One day I would love to try something like this, perhaps even for Success Circuit. Please let me know what you think!

Also, for those of you wondering which elevator pitch I choose… I didn’t. I have decided to keep my tagline, “Inspiring your Success”, and improvise depending on who I am speaking to. Remember, everybody is different.

Thank you,



  1. Online Marketing blog

    I love guerrilla advertisements – i have attempted a few. My business card could be classified as a guerrilla advertisements. Guerrilla advertisements are great for people who are bootstrapping it.

  2. Mike


    Thanks for the comment on UE. I like what you’ve got going on here. I am just starting to research marketing a new product so I’ll grab your feed and check back.

    That waterfall mural is intense!! Where did you find that?

  3. Naren

    Those stunts are so amazing. Can we consider Word of mouth as guerrilla marketing? Please let me know if any of you think feel so.

  4. Medusa Costume

    Hey, recently in Auckland (New Zealand) the city council used street art (graffiti art) to warm pedestrians of the dangers of city traffic. It was a highly successful and popular campaign.

  5. Medusa Costume

    Hey, recently in Auckland (New Zealand) the city council used street art (graffiti art) to warm pedestrians of the dangers of city traffic. It was a highly successful and popular campaign.

  6. stevescottsite

    Definitely like Dean Hunt's killer bunnies. He's had a lot of good ideas about how to make stuff viral. I'm trying to incorporate a lot of what he does with my own business.

    Anyway, good stuff here. Just submitted it on Digg.

    • ShaneHudson

      He sure does have some great ideas, I feel in the mood for creating a viral… so maybe I will have a go too!

      Thanks for the Digg and I am glad you liked it.

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